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RCIED Communications Jammer / Bomb Jamming Equipment :

We manufacture and supply a wide range of communications jamming, bomb jammers, IED and RCIED jammers which can be tailor made specifically for customer requirements and specifications. Our standard range includes

1. Spot Jamming of cellular phone communications
2. Wide band jamming of illicit listening device
3. Barrage jamming of RCIED IED devices
4. Jamming RCIED for convoy protection applications

Ultra Wideband Antennas

We have recently introduced a range of wideband antennas specially designed for jamming application and can also be used in SIGNIT COMIT applications. Our exclusive range of products includes Aviation Band Antenna, Fiberglass Collinear Antenna, Defense Antenna, Marine Band Antenna, Shipboard Antenna, HF Band Antenna, FM Band Antenna, Discone Antenna, Grid Parabolic Antenna, Stacked Dipole Array, Log Periodic Dipole Array, Directional Yagi Antenna, Satellite Antenna, Jammer Antenna, Side Mount Dipole, Helical Antenna, Circular Polarized Antenna, Spiral Antenna, Dual Stacked Array, Quad Stacked Array, Ground Plane Antenna and Vehicle Mount Antenna.


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